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Sex Work

For sex workers of any type, Shelley provides a safe inclusive and non-judgmental space for you to access mental health care. 

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Sex Work Friendly

The last thing you want when accessing therapy is to be constantly questioned about your work, or even worse to feel like you have to justify or hide it. You can feel safe in disclosing your profession with out being asked to focus specifically on it. 

Respect and support

You can feel free to talk about your work, or to talk about anything else that is on your mind. We will provide psychotherapy to support you in the areas that you deem necessary. You can expect your professional life to be treated with respect.

Focus on your needs

Although we are a sex and relationship center, there is no need for you to focus on sex or your work. Most people I work with who are sex workers want to focus on their relationships with family, friends and loved ones, as well as managing life stressors and increasing mental health outcomes. 

No pathologising of your work choices

To often therapists personal biases and discomfort with sex work get in the way of seeing you as you are and allowing you to open up about all aspects of your life. You can expect your whole self to be welcomed and held wholeheartedly.

Resources and Recommended Reading

Here are some links to books that I usually recommend...

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