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Genital and Pelvic Pain, Scar Tissue and Painful Sex


Scars are the result of our bodies attempting to heal traumatised tissue which can be caused by injury, infection, illness, surgery, childbirth, or violence. When our bodies knit skin, muscle and connective tissue together to heal a scar or compensate for an injury- the result is often:  


  • reduced elasticity, sensation and movement.             

  • reduced blood flow and lymphatic drainage             

  • Reduced function of muscles, organs, glands, and pelvic floor.                                           Referred pain in unexpected places


Shelley employs various remedial and clinical techniques to promote the healing of scar tissue which results in healthier movement, blood flow, increased sensation and functioning of the area.


Just like sex, addressing pain and scar tissue is to work with both the physical and psychological elements of the person. Remedial scar tissue work involves touch of the affected area, in our clinic this is frequently in the genital and pelvic region. Touch work can be confronting and it requires that time be given to the development of trust and safety between the practitioner and the client. In this way, touch work is not to be endured in order to be 'healed', but rather the feelings, emotions and apprehensions that arise before, during or after touch work must be acknowledged and seen as an integral to the therapeutic process.

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