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Workshops for your organisation or community

The Anatomy of Arousal

(and all the things they never taught you in sex-ed)

This workshop uncovers the why’s as well as the how’s of sexual arousal.


Find out about all the beautiful erectile tissue in vaginas and vulva's (there's more than you think!). Discover the myths about vaginas, and replace them with real and practical information. Discover whether female ejaculation is a porn myth or something real and achievable.  


Discover the anatomy and pleasure functions of the penis.  Learn about the natural pleasure available in the foreskin,  and  how to derive pleasure and satisfaction from sexual play with a soft penis.                                                  

Discover how to use breath, movement and sensation as a way to retain sexual energy and move it through your body.

Radical Beauty

Beauty is a construct that changes over time and culture. Some cultures pluck out teeth or eyelashes in order to attain beauty. Others decorate the entire face with tattoos.

What does it mean to be beautiful in today's culture? Or, what does it mean NOT to be beautiful? Is 'sexy' and beauty' the same thing? Is beauty more than skin deep?

In this workshop you will be challenged to think about:

  • How is beauty conceptualized today?

  • Who benefits from our obsession with it?

  • What are the social, health and sexual impacts on both men and women?


Most importantly, how can an average woman really embrace beauty without having to buy it?

Consent and Assertiveness

(Adolescents, 13-18yrs)

Young people are taught to understand authentic consent relating specifically to sexual behaviours. They are taught how to negotiate their boundaries,     communicate openly and assertively, and use confident body language. Integral to any positive sexual experience is the ability for people to understand their own desires, fears, exceptions and  emotions. Furthermore, we need to create a safe space for the other person to explore their own authentic consent as well. Learn how to ask for and identify authentic consent, how to refuse sexual advances and how to handle feelings of rejection or frustration when others say "no" to us.   

Consent and Assertiveness

(Pre teens, 6-12yrs)

Children are taught about consent and assertive communication. This is taught without specifically learning about sexuality, but a focus on personal boundaries and appropriate and effective ways of asserting ones self. learning how to listen to and take notice of the bodies feelings of safety and threat, and strengthening the children's ability to set personal boundaries and communicate these effectively with others. This workshop also teaches children to be aware of other peoples rights to o their boundaries and consent . 

Predator Protection

An educational workshop created in conjunction with Project KidSafe Foundation, for parents and community members to learn about Sexual Predators and how we can simply and easily reduce the risks of our children being successfully targeted by them. This workshop is based on research of convicted child sexual predators and their methods for identifying and grooming children.

Easy Peasy Birds n Bee's

Learn to communicate simply and easily with your children about sex, their bodies and reproduction. We know that children who know about sex are less likely to be sexually abused, and less likely as adolescents to regret their sexual experiences or engage in risky behaviours. Learn simple and age appropriate ways to discuss sexuality, gender, reproduction, consent and teach assertive behaviours from the very young to adolescents.

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