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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Queer and Other Sexual Orientations...

Shelley helps individuals and couples navigate issues related to their sexual identity and relationships. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all sexual orientations, including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and Other Sexual Orientations. Whether you’re dealing with intimacy problems, communication issues, or any other concerns regarding your sexual or romantic life, we’re here to help you feel more confident and secure in who you are.

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation describes the way that you are sexually attracted to other beings. Sometimes it is about gender (for example you may be attracted to men or women, or both) sometimes its about something else entirely- you may be attracted to someone based upon their looks, their intellect, their specific sexual activities etc.  For some, their sexual orientation became apparent before or at puberty, and it has stayed the same ever since. For others, its more fluid, it changes, it ebbs and flows with time and circumstance. 


It can be very valuable to be supported and to talk to someone who is open, knowledgeable and not judgmental when sexual orientation issues need to be addressed.

Gay relationships
sexual diversity
Coming out

Many people have known they were same sex attracted since before they knew that social expectations differed. For others its been a slow process of knowing yourself and acceptance. Others have to grapple with religious and family trauma and social stigma. Even though equal marriage laws have been passed there is still significant stigma associated with same sex attraction in particular work settings.

Whether you are looking for support to explore your sexual orientation, or to feel more confident in your sexual identity- or you have trauma from your experience of coming out, there is support available to you.

Other Sexual orientations

There are many lesser known sexual orientations that can lead people to feel underrepresented such as;

Asexual (a lack of attracttion to any individual of any gender, this does not mean you wont fall in love but it may mean you dont want to have sex with people);

Greysexual (similar to asexual but with a limited amount of sexual attraction),  

Autosexual- a sexual attraction and/or romantic attraction to yourself

Demisexual- sexual attraction occurs when you feel emotionally connected to a person

Pansexual- when you can experience sexual attraction to any gender or orientation

Sapiosexual- you find intelligence or intellectual conversation arousing and sexually attractive.

Gay pride

Resources and Recommended Reading

Here are some links to books that I usually recommend...

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