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LGBTQI Polyamory and Sex Work

Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation describes the way that you are sexually attracted to other beings. Sometimes it is about gender (for example you may be attracted to men or women, or both) sometimes its about something else entirely- you may be attracted to someone based upon their looks, their intellect, their specific sexual activities etc.  For some, their sexual orientation became apparent before or at puberty, and it has stayed the same ever since. For others, its more fluid, it changes, it ebbs and flows with time and circumstance. 


It can be very valuable to be supported and to talk to someone who is open, knowledgeable and not judgmental when sexual orientation issues need to be addressed.


Gender Identity

Some people feel they have been born in a body that is the wrong gender, others feel that they do not wish to live within the gender stereotypes that are expected of us in our culture. Some people who feel that they are not the gender that their bodies display may wish to change their bodies or appearance to fit in with the gender that they feel they are.


There is a growing trend of people who reject the gender binary. The idea is that humans have individual and varying behaviours, feelings, and expressions that do not have to based upon or dictated to by the presence of a particular set of genitals.

Polyamory and Non Monogamy

Couples who are already poly or non-monogamous, Shelley will work within your chosen relationship structure, offering relationship therapy or guidance to help you establish great boundaries, and excellent communication.

For those who are interested in exploring poly/non monogamous relationships, or who are considering changing their current relationship, Shelley offers guidance and help to establish 'best practice' from the start!

Diversity Students
Young Girl with Tattoo

Sex Workers

Shelley offers a safe place for Sex Workers, where you can expect open hearted acceptance of you and your lifestyle. You can choose to talk about your work or other issues in your life. You don't have to hide what you do or focus specifically on it. Your work choices will be respected.

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