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About Shelley

Professional History

At a glance:
  • Clinical Sexologist (2014-current)

  • Member AMA (student)

  • Member APS (associate)

  • Member ASSERT NSW (Accredited Sex Therapist)

  • Sexological Bodyworker (private practice)

  • Community Education (Sex Education and sexual predation prevention)

  • CEO Project Kidsafe foundation (former)

  • Research consultant for STARTTS (former)

  • Behavioural Therapist (ABA)(private practice)

Shelley has been working in the field of mental health for over 10 years. Her professional experience includes working with culturally diverse communities having consulted on projects for STARTTS (Service for the treatment and rehabilitation of torture and trauma survivors) one of the states leading mental health and community advocates and service providers for Refugees and Humanitarian entrants. Shelley was the C.E.O for the former Project Kidsafe Foundation (a charity committed to advocacy for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and community education regarding childhood sexual abuse). Shelley also served as a project manager and workshop presenter for the former project kidsafe foundation, running community education campaigns in NSW public schools funded by the NSW Department of Education. Shelley has many years of experience in private practice starting as an applied behavioural therapist, a parental consultant for children with difficult behaviours, a health counsellor and a sex therapist.

My Personal History

I would like to share with you a little of what makes me 'me'. I have a multicultural family and have lived in many rural towns of western NSW. Living in the 'outback' has been an invaluable part of my experience, and I bring the love of connection to nature to my home in Sydney. I love knowing it's going to rain because I can smell the earth moisten before the rain falls. I love hearing the kookaburras laugh at me when I take life too seriously. I also love music, and enjoy sitting around a camp fire jamming with my family, I think that's one of my favourite activities.  I have a deep commitment to my family which is patchworked together like many others. My career was later onset than many others that I went to University with, as I must have needed to go and live and make many mistakes before I found the path that was right for me. All of the heartache and failures, the successes and the cherished moments I bring with me- I think my life experience helps me to be empathic and understanding of so many different circumstances, but my education and clinical expertise is what I rely on in my practice. 


Formal Education

Doctorate of Clinical Sexology (Ongoing). 

Professional Doctorate in Clinical Sexology, specialising in Sexuality and Disability, and Transgender Care.  

Master of Medicine

Specialising in Womens Health Medicine. 

Bachelor of Psychology with Honours (1st Class)

Thesis was focused on the interaction between Religion and Sexuality.

Diploma of Health Counselling

Counselling skills focused specifically on the health care setting. .

Certified Applied Behavioural Analysis

Intervention training for working with Neurodiverse and behaviourally challenging children.

Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Somatic and sex positive approach to working with Sexuality .

Certified Sex Educator

Somatic and sex positive approach to working with Sexuality, community education and Sexological Supervision.

1800 336 151

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