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Common Sexual Issues

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Anorgasmia & Low Libido

Anorgasmia is a rather nasty sounding word, that simply means that you don’t reach orgasm, or very rarely reach orgasm. It can also refer to having no sexual desire or a very low desire for sex. Anorgasmia can be very frustrating, and is being seen more commonly, even though we live in a hypersexually media saturated culture. 


Low or no desire for sex can stem from many sources, including hormone imbalances, stress, psychological distress, and medication. It is particularly problematic when you wish to show your partner physical affection, but your body is telling you to put on a space suit and activate your force field. 

Sexual Trauma and Childhood Abuse

Both men and women are victims, it happens to children, adolescents and adults of all races, religions and economic status. 

Sexual trauma takes a toll on our bodies, relationships, career,and parenting.

Being believed, supported, and provided with a gentle and honest way to move beyond sexual trauma is available to you, so that you can thrive again, reclaim your right to live without fear or pain.

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Sexpert Advice!

Some of the topics that people frequently wish to gain more understanding and practical education about include:


  • Female anatomy

  • Male anatomy

  • STI 's and conditions that worries you.

  • Contraception

  • Teaching children about sex and reproduction.

  • Protecting children from sexual predators

  • Increasing emotional intimacy in relationships

  • Hormones, reproductive cycles and dysfunction

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Porn/Sex/Love Addiction

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Porn Addiction does effects your sexual, relational and social lives. The addiction itself can become overwhelming, producing an urge to continue to consume porn at ever increasing time frames and intensity. People report binging on porn for hours or days at a time and feeling a sense of shame and desperation about their inability to stop. 


Apart from infringing upon your time, research has shown that excessive porn use can actually lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence, as well as depression, insomnia, relational difficulties and unsatisfying sex.

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